Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Camera

I have recently acquired a digital camera. There is a freedom that comes with the instantaneous gratification of the digital image. I wonder how this will affect my shooting and selection of images. Using film, I am quite careful. I want the best shot available. I will spend time positioning myself, whether it be standing on my tippy-toes or laying down on the earth. I want the shot and I will do what is necessary to get it. Now, I find that I am a little more daring. Knowing that I can see what I have done- see that the picture is in focus or not depending on what it is and what my intentions are. I can also use color! This is something I normally deprive myself of because developing color is so caustic. Now, with the digital camera in hand, my world has become much more colorful. Welcome to the special world of intricate colors- it is more like life- very little black and white.