Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Spring. I find this time of year to be difficult- the holidays are over, the snows still come and go and I am ready to be outside unbundled. A few lovely days pop up here and there, teasing those of us in the Midwest. Then, quickly thereafter, we are again ridiculed by Mother Nature as she sprinkles her icy fairy dust upon the earth, which yearns to see the sun kissed days. I am yearning for those days as well.

Recently, driving home late at night I was startled by a robin spotlighted by the headlights of my car. He was sitting waiting for something in the middle of the deserted road. I hit the breaks and watched the little bird meander away back into the dark of the night. Why the little bird was out so late was beyond my comprehension, but it reminded me of how Spring, like the robin, seems to appear out of nowhere. One day it’s 20 degrees and gloomy and I am covered in enough layers to make a mummy blush. Then, the next, the birds are out, the sun is shining, and the trees are in bloom- my layers are shed and I begin to assess the damage the cold weather has had on my physical being. The transition is missed. This is okay with me. Sometimes we are too busy doing other things to really notice the subtle changes occurring around us. Sometimes we get caught up in our dramas and struggles and forget to breathe.

This time, I am ready for the Spring. I am vigilantly watching and waiting. This time I’m the little bird patiently sitting waiting in the night for the first sign of Spring to reveal herself. Hopefully she brings some cookies.