Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Thing Blue (Making Jewelry)

While out with one of my dear friends scouring the streets of the fashion district for a ribbon shop, we came across Bead World. The draw of the word bead was enough for me to suggest entry into a world of beads of various shapes and sizes, all begging for a home. Glass beads, wooden beads, beads of clay, bone, metal, etc. adorned little squared containers creating a kaleidoscope of colors and textures.

While perusing the wares, I came across a lovely blue flower shaped bead. For $2.80, how could I pass it up? After deciding to buy the bead I looked helplessly at my friend, a seasoned jewelry maker, as to how to proceed. What do I need next? She effortlessly whirled me around the store showing me clasps, chains, spacers, etc. After hemming and hawing, I made my selections under her watchful eye- making sure I had everything I needed to commence my first jewelry making endeavor.

Once back home, I spilled my bag of goodies onto a table excited get started on creating my first necklace. I snipped and bent very small pieces of metal into what appeared to be normal "necklace" shapes, or at least ones that looked similar to the other necklaces I used check my work.

The most difficult part was attaching the clasp. I was warned that jewelry making takes a steady hand and patience. I would have to agree. I fussed with the chain and clasp hoping that it would miraculously form the loop that is was supposed to create, and the slight chain would not escape, once again, from the silver ring. Finally the loop lined up and sealed itself giving form to the pieces making up the necklace.

The final product is one that I will be happy to wear as the little flower will remind me of my wonderful and helpful friend, a nice getaway and a fun new project gone right.