Saturday, June 2, 2012

The beauty that is my mother

Over the weekend my mom and I got together to empty out my storage space- something long over due and because of that, dreaded (the emptying out, not the getting together). Luckily, this is the last of the storage space and what was my married life existence. Donate, dispose, forward on or keep. I guess that is how all things in life go- breaking down memories, souvenirs of our lives. Determining what matters to us then or what we may want in the future- all the while lightening our loads of the things that weigh us down.

My mom is good with this. She always comes willing to lend a hand (and an ear) and doing her best not to invade one's privacy. We usually end up laughing through the task at hand and jumping from topic to topic in a mad whirlwind of jumbled thoughts and tangential stories. She may drive me crazy sometimes, but I appreciate the time we spend and am glad that I have someone like my mother to lean on.

Since retiring, my mother has started to spread her wings- beginning to discover new hobbies. She often claims (falsely, I might add) that she isn't creative or artistic and that these attributes skipped a generation. She is wrong. Like her mother before her, when focused, she is creative and artistic in the things she does. When I was a child, she made costumes for Halloween and tooth fairy pillows for each of my classmates the year all of our teeth seemed to fall out of our heads.

Recently, she attended a clay working class. Her pieces turned out well- even within the newness of the medium, her creativity shows through. She also created a pendant for me, a little tree carving. It is simplistic and beautiful. I admire trees and their quiet strength. I admire the same in my mother. Thanks again mom.