Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Korean Festival

On Sunday I ventured out to the 15th Annual Korean Fest. The festival is free with donations accepted-I like this idea. It allows everyone to enjoy the festival, not just those with the money to support it. Moreover, I like that Chicago has such a diverse population that it can have a Korean Festival which provides an introduction to specific neighborhoods and cultures. Everyone was very welcoming and out to have a nice time.

This was my third year attending and although not my favorite year, it was still enjoyable. I was sad we missed the wonderful drumming group, which I have recorded in years past, but it was a beautiful day and there is always a good bubble tea to be had.

Even though there scheduled are performances, it is the people watching that makes most festivals interesting.

Here are some photos from the day...

And the events...
Korean Flag

Shin Myung and Mask Dance

East Sea Martial Arts
And, of course, the food...