Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Failure to Compute (A poem)

Pounding away at anonymous keys

The zeros and ones abound

Beautiful designs created behind the desolate whiteness

Each zipping effortlessly through cyberspace,

Sending unsympathetic letters and numbers to digitized sub-humans

The failure to compute yours or any syntax in this the wire jungle,

Is a failure of the operator and the receiver, but not the syntax itself

What is less than three? Infinity? Your love?

Love letters and letters of dear John arrive at rapid speeds, before

Cerebral sparks have finished firing,

Their last strokes connecting within the almighty operator god

Last chance to recall the ones and zeros become the past without further thought

Carelessly, like the train leaving the station

With you chasing after it, luggage strewn about

Emptying secret contents onto the platform floor.

Alone and exposed, lighted by the glow of the monitor

A single sub-human tear passes, zipping effortlessly down organic matter

Because it cannot feel the ones and zeros, only the sorrow they bring

(J. Smith 2011)