Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The lens in which we see ourselves

"When you have discovered disappointment as the guide to yourself, you will be eager to learn how much you are disappointed about yourself: about the lack of courage and inadequate honesty, or about the horribly narrow borders drawn by your own feelings, acts, and sayings. What was it we expected and hoped from ourselves? That we are boundless, or quite different than we are?"

(Mercier- Night Train to Lisbon)

Beautifully put sentiment. We are who we choose to be and with what lens we want to see ourselves. No one can change us, only we can change ourselves.

When we look in the mirror-we should remember that we created the person looking back at us. Each action/reaction taken by us shapes our lives, our person. If one is not happy with one's self, it is up to that individual to change it. No one else can change the person we are- all another can do is allow us to bask in his/her light. If one's soul is black, the light of another will not be reflected. Instead, the other will absorb the light until there is nothing left to take and then will return to his/her previous state of being. I would rather share my own radiance than bask in another's without having the ability to share mine in return.