Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Carnival

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I ventured out to a nearby carnival. It grew out of a deserted school parking lot looking broken and, yet, oddly glamorous. The flash and glitter of the lights and quick movement of the dilapidated rides caught the eyes of the drivers-by as well any children in its line of view.

Carnivals bring out all walks of life- from the present child to the child within; each sees the magic of the flashy rides and can taste the telltale signs of summer.

As an observer, I enjoyed watching all the young teenagers with their carefree hair and carefree gestures. So wrapped up in just being. There was a time when hanging out meant so much more than doing anything else-believing the world is theirs for the taking. That time goes by so fast it is almost as if it was a dream, a prelude to real life, the adult life. I wish those teenagers well. I wish for them to keep the excitement and the appreciation of just being.