Monday, June 14, 2010

Finding Treasures

Last week I came across an undeveloped roll of film- this is not necessarily surprising for me. I have a tendency of squirreling away used film rolls around the house. It is not that I want to lose the photos, it just happens that I forget that I put them in a "safe place"... you know how that goes- the
"safe place" a/k/a the place I will most likely forget. Anyway, I took the roll in and, lo and behold, I received back photos from a trip to a Michigan vineyard with good friends and a visit from my sister-in-law.

Finding this roll is like finding a treasure or opening a time capsule. It brought back memories of a very happy summer. A happy time. I enjoy when photographs can give cues to welcome back those happy feelings especially at times when I am feeling a bit blue. It was a nice reminder that happiness, even though it can be fleeting, can be captured and live on. Life can be breathed back into it- fill its sails for one more go 'round. Cheers!